Visit our new showroom
FREE parking at front for customers
9.30am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday!

15-19 Headgate, Colchester, Essex, CO3 3BT


Visit our new showroom
FREE parking at front for customers
9.30am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday!

15-19 Headgate, Colchester, Essex, CO3 3BT

High-quality flooring at a low cost

It is quite difficult to find flooring that can handle the heavy traffic of a business building, let alone at easily accessible costs. Because of this, Colchester Carpets and Flooring has made it a goal to supply high-quality commercial flooring at cost-effective pricing. We will work with you and install the flooring solution around your business hours since we understand how challenging it can be to do work in a commercial setting. This will ensure a hassle-free installation procedure.


How about a quick pop in?

Visit our store on Headgate in Colchester to see our constantly growing selection of flooring samples. We are close to several multi-story parking lots, restaurants, and stores that you may visit on your outing. Our store includes flooring alternatives from floor to ceiling, including carpets, laminate, vinyl, and hardwood floors. You may browse these selections in a variety of colours and patterns.


Impossible to have your morning lie in?

While we like taking advantage of the longer hours, the light streaming in through the windows first thing in the morning is a rude awakening. Why not talk to a member of our team about having Rol-Lite blinds installed in your bedroom so you can always have a lie in? They are highly robust and may even be controlled remotely or through Alexa! The blinds are available in a variety of sizes, colours, and patterns to suit your needs.


Flooring, it’s what we do

Our staff knows everything there is about flooring solutions here at Colchester Carpets and Flooring. We have a wide variety of flooring options for all of our customers to pick from, here in our shop on Head Street, Colchester, this ensures that no one walks away empty handed, and that there is a carpet for everyone. We have carpet, laminate, vinyl, hardwood as well as a variety of rugs!


Make your rug to your own liking

If you are thinking of the ideal addition to any room, why don’t you give rugs a go? They are able to bring everything together, and add a lovely touch of colour to the room. Although we provide a wide selection of rugs to all clients, occasionally the right one isn’t available; as a result, we now give all customers the option of designing their own rug, ensuring that they won’t have to compromise on what they want. You have total control over the final result, which may be any pattern, texture, shape or colour.


Why not try Laminate?

Are you seeking a floor that is seamless, high-quality and lasts? We offer the ideal solution for you at Colchester Carpets and Flooring. We have a wide selection of laminate flooring styles and finishes for you to pick from, all of which are incredibly durable and scratch resistant, making them ideal for both commercial and residential premises. Once you’ve decided on the best laminate for you, our team of fitters can install it in no time; we truly are a one-stop-shop!


Putting the finishing touches on it

It’s challenging to locate the final touches for your newly decorated space now that spring decorating is well underway. Why not try adding a rug to the room? It could just be the right burst of colour you’re looking for. We offer a large selection of rugs to pick from, all of which are available in a variety of colours, textures, and patterns; we have soft plush rugs for living rooms as well as hard-wearing alternatives for commercial establishments. If you can’t find the right one in our collection, why not create your own? Our team will be happy to assist you.


Bringing a little bit of summer into your house

With the winter’s dreary skies behind us, now is the ideal time to introduce vibrant summer colours into your house. There will always be something for you, whether it’s something simple like a rug in the living room or something larger like installing new carpet up your stairs. All flooring options are available in a range of colours, many of which would be ideal for adding a splash of colour to your house this summer. Take a look at our website to see all of the colour possibilities available.


The Secret to Carpets

Most people have carpet somewhere in their home be it the living room or bedroom. Soft underfoot, a variety of colours and finishes makes it very versatile. But did you know that carpet can help with air quality too. Fibres trap dust and particles in the carpet ready to be hoovered rather than lingering in the air. At Colchester Carpets & Flooring we have hundreds of carpet choices from top brand and low prices for both homes and commercial applications. Come and see us on Head Street in Colchester.


Try using laminate today!

Are you aware there’s a flooring option that’s simple to maintain, can be swept clean of pet hair, and can withstand the test of time, even when pets and youngsters give it a run for its money? It seems too good to be true, right? Wrong. Colchester Carpets has a large selection of laminate flooring in a variety of colours and designs. We have walnut, oak, beech, and a variety of other woods in stock! For additional information, see our ‘Laminate Flooring’ page.


Not sure where to start?

With spring just around the corner, now is the ideal time to begin redesigning your home in preparation for the coming months. We all know how tough it is to get inspiration or know where to begin when it comes to remodelling. Have a browse of our website to see all of the flooring alternatives we have available; we have everything from hardwood flooring to carpets to rugs in a variety of sizes and shapes. To assist you, we provide samples of all flooring options so you can take them home and decide which one is best for you.


Tired of always cleaning?

Many people associate winter with cosy nights in front of a warm fireplace, but for those who have carpets, the fear of having to remove muddy paw or footprints comes to mind. Why not make a tiny adjustment that has a big impact? Installing laminate flooring in your home allows you to easily wash away muddy paw prints. Our laminate flooring comes in a variety of colours and styles to match your decor.


How about giving Moduelo Flooring a go?

Did you know that you can buy a flooring option that looks exactly like solid wood but costs much less? Our team is delighted to present their collection of Moduelo Flooring, which is becoming increasingly popular. We stock it in a variety of styles and colours to suit everyone’s preferences. It not only looks like real wood, but it also resists scratches and scuffing, so you won’t have to worry about your four-legged furry friends or children’s escapades damaging the look.


Happy New Year!

We would like to wish you a very happy new year and all the best for the coming year from everyone at Colchester Carpets & Flooring. Throughout the year, our enthusiastic staff will be available to assist you with all of your flooring needs, whether it’s installing new carpets, assisting you in designing the perfect rug, or simply providing advice, you can always give us a call today.


Options aplenty!

Most put off changing their flooring purely because of the hassle of going to many different shops before you find something that is perfect for you. If you pop down to our shop on Head Street, Colchester that will be a thing of the past; there are hundreds of flooring options for you to choose from. There is hardwood flooring, laminate, the increasingly popular Moduleo flooring and even the option to design your own rug! All of this partnered with the best customer service, you will never want to go anywhere else.


Winter grime, not in your house!

The carpet appears to be lovely, fluffy, and clean, but as soon as you open the door in the winter, dirt and leaves are dragged in, making cleaning difficult and time consuming. Rather than spending hours attempting to get mud out of your carpets, consider having laminate or vinyl flooring placed in your house, where mud can be wiped away in seconds. Perfect for high traffic or maintenance areas like hallways and utility rooms. The flooring options are available in a variety of colours and are all incredibly low maintenance yet extremely durable, allowing them to appear their best year after year.


Why only experience autumn once a year?

When you look outdoors, you may see autumn colours everywhere, but have you ever considered bringing those colours inside? There is always something just ideal for you, whether its rich orange rugs that serve as the finishing touch or hardwood flooring with deep crimson tones flowing through it. If you’re not sure which flooring option to choose, feel free to take some samples home with you or just simply contact a member of our staff for additional information.


Put Local Retailer First

Shopping locally is so important to keep your high street thriving. Colchester Carpets and Flooring are a small cog in a large wheel, that is Colchester town centre. All your local businesses work together to make sure you can get everything you’re shopping locally. At Colchester Carpets and Flooring, we have every flooring solution for every room in your home, your office, or your commercial unit. We supply and fit everything we stock, making it easy to have a new floor installed, with no fuss, or hassle, just good local service.


Getting you ready for winter

Winter will soon be here, if you’re already fed up with autumn creating mud and mess on your carpets, winter will be the icing on the muddy cake. We have a wide range of alternatives of carpet that are highly durable, easy to clean and warm to walk on in the cold months. You can choose from laminate, vinyl, including our popular Moduleo or engineered hardwood flooring for that little touch of luxury. We have options to suit your tastes and budgets. Ditch the carpet and try something new.


Go with vinyl!

When you are looking to lay new flooring, you may automatically think of carpet, hardwood or laminate flooring, but there is another option. Vinyl flooring is becoming more popular because of its versatility, it can be used in all rooms of the house including kitchens ad bathrooms. Vinyl flooring used to have a different reputation, being used as cheaper option to carpet, as the quality was not very good. Today’s vinyl is very different, as it comes in a range of colours and patterns, many with a twenty-year guarantee.


Choice aplenty

Here at Colchester Carpets and Flooring, one of the things we do best is offering our customers a wide range of flooring options when they come to our store. Within the store in Head Street in Colchester, we stock laminate, engineered wood, real wood, vinyl, and a huge range of carpets for every room in your home. Our flooring can also be used in commercial premises where footfall is high, and durability is key. All of our floorings can be made into a sample for you to take home.


Never-ending carpet

There is no getting away from the fact that carpet needs cleaning on a regular basis. However, this can be minimized by choosing the right carpet for the right location. Our team at Colchester Carpets and Flooring can help you choose so that you have the right flooring for any room in your home. We supply a wide range of carpets with many samples in stock for you to take home and try out for yourself. With the colder months coming ever near, why not treat your toes to some warm fluffy flooring through winter.


Why not choose vinyl!

When choosing new flooring you may think of carpet, laminate, or wood flooring but there is another choice. Vinyl flooring is becoming more popular due to its durable nature for today’s busy families. The choice of vinyl flooring finishes are becoming more varied. You can now choose from wood, stone, and tile effect options. Vinyl is warmer underfoot than laminate and easier to care for than natural wood. Come to our store to see what we have available.


Is carpet the way to go?

We stock a huge range of carpets for every room in your home, our carpets are suitable for domestic and commercial use. Whether you are looking for a hardwearing carpet for an office space or a fluffy carpet for the bedroom, we will have one to fit. Carpet is useful in a number of ways, reducing noise from animal claws and footsteps, as well as trapping dust and pollen. Carpet is a great insulator for the winter months, so come look at our range in store.


Hardwood flooring is the way to go!

Are you fed up with always attempting to get rid of all the stains all across your carpets? Hardwood flooring is an excellent alternative with many advantages that you would have never thought of. There is the noticeable changes like it is cool to the touch, and that small bits of dust and filth are able to be swept away much easily. But what you might not realise, is that it is capable of increasing your house value and can vastly enhance the quality of your air, as it is incapable of collecting things such as dirt, dust, and animal hair. We have a broad selection of many hardwood flooring options all reasonably priced.



We will move furniture and dispose of old floor coverings for a small fee


Customer satisfaction is our teams' number one priority - ensuring all expectations are met and exceeded is what we do best. Each job our team completes is carried out with precision and care, and always to the highest standard.

Our staff takes delight in every project they accomplish and enjoys showing off the finished products to potential clients. On our 'recent work' page, you can see for yourself the high standards to which all of our tasks are accomplished. We take on every project head on and don't stop until it's flawless. Our staff takes pleasure in providing 100 percent client satisfaction and never leaving any mess behind once the work is completed.


Come and visit us in our showroom in Head Street


Want to pop in our shop, but are worried about parking? With our shop right in the centre of Colchester town, it makes it easily accessible for everyone, there isn’t the hassle of making a trip just to see us as you can simply tie it in with a shopping trip.

At Colchester Carpets and Flooring we love a challenge. So, if you are after a new look but not sure what you want, we can provide you with multiple options. From laminate to real wood, carpet to vinyl tiles we have everything at our fingertips for you to choose from. Still not sure? You can take samples home to make sure your choice is just right. Out team ask the right questions, what is the room used for, is it heavy traffic area, modern or traditional, size of budget. We can then show you the perfect flooring solution tailored to your specification.


Luxury vinyl flooring... Looks and feels like wood


For the fraction of the price, are you wanting the stylish look of a hardwood floor? Look no further than vinyl flooring! It is a superb replacement to hardwood flooring, as it looks great year after year, and it is long lasting. We can offer vinyl flooring in several different finishes, from wood to stone, as well as tiled effects. This flooring option is also perfect for animal lovers, who are constantly having to clean muddy paw prints, as they can easily be washed away.

When choosing a flooring option for a commercial property our team know it needs to be the best of the best, especially when the footfall is high, and first appearances have to be spot on. All engineered laminate and vinyl flooring options come with a 20-year guarantee so you know the quality is going to be high.



We will move furniture and dispose of old floor coverings for a small fee

Customer satisfaction is our teams' number one priority - ensuring all expectations are met and exceeded is what we do best. Each job our team completes is carried out with precision and care, and always to the highest standard.

To showcase some of our previous jobs that we complete on a regular basis our team have put together a selection of images to show people what we do best. It doesn’t matter how much flooring needs to be laid down or where in the property, all jobs will be carried out quickly leaving no trace of us ever being there. 


Come and visit us in our showroom in Head Street

Want to pop in our shop, but are worried about parking? With our shop right in the centre of Colchester town it makes it easily accessible for everyone, there isn’t the hassle of making a trip just to see us as you can simply tie it in with a shopping trip.

Our shop will never fail to disappoint with flooring options as far as the eye can see, so it will never be wasted trip. On hand to help you will be our highly experienced staff who can help chose the right flooring for you.  


Luxury vinyl flooring... Looks and feels like wood

Our vinyl flooring range is not your average vinyl. You can achieve a natural wood or stone flooring effect with the added advantage of easy cleaning. Our vinyl flooring can be fitted in any room of your home and comes in various styles and finishes.

Having flooring that looks brand new after years of wear and tear is what everyone wants but most flooring options simply don't have those qualities. This is why all of our flooring solutions are stain and scuff resistant and all come with a 20-year guarantee!


What our customers say

"Thank you to Dom and his team for their excellent service and expertise! I am thrilled with my hallway! This is the second time we have used Colchester Flooring and we are delighted with the results."

"Brilliant service from these guys. Howie who fitted the carpet on the stairs was friendly but professional at all times. He took his time and made sure I was happy with the fitting. As for the carpet itself, love it and great price too! Thank you guys."

"We have used Colchester Flooring many times now, the most recent being this week to have a carpet fitted. Every time we have used them we haven't been disappointed. From start to finish the service is excellent and quality of goods outstanding."

"Floors look incredible, and timekeeping and professionalism second to none. From initial contact with Neal in store to Dom's attention to detail in fitting, just can't fault these guys!"

"A great service from a local company - extremely professional and helpful from start to finish. Totally transformed our home with their fabulous carpets and flooring. Clean, tidy and affordable. Totally recommend."

"Perfect service from start to finish Dominic came to our house knowing the colours and textures we had in mind and helped us make the perfect choice."

"Great service from Neil, Dom and James. Communication was excellent throughout and nothing was too much trouble. Did everything I could ask for and more. There experience and attention to detail was obvious in the end result."

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Colchester Carpets and Flooring
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Showroom Opening Times

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9.30am - 5pm

We are closed Bank Holidays

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