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Design a Rug

 Design a Rug

Hold the Front Page! – You can design your own Rug!

Yes, you read that correctly. At Colchester Carpets and Flooring we have the technology and expertise to let you design your own rug. There is a huge variety of finishes to choose from, so whether you want a deep plush pile rug or a hardwearing coarse weave we can make it for you. You can also choose your own border to set off your main flooring or décor and sized to fit your room, hallway or landing. See what your rug will look like on screen before making a purchase. 

Have you ever looked at a carpet style or design and wanted it as a rug or runner for your hallway? We know hundreds of customers who have searched tirelessly for the perfect rug and to no avail. The pattern is right but the border is not or, its just what you want but the size is too small. Now the waiting is over!

Rugs are a quick and affordable way of transferring any room of your home. Giving instant warmth and comfort underfoot, whilst protecting the floor beneath from wear and tear and providing a centrepiece to any space. It's not always easy to find exactly the right shape, size, colour, pattern, or texture... until now. At Colchester Carpets and Flooring you can design your own rug in the store!

When trying to find the right finishing touch to your home it can be hard when you need to consider the existing colours, how big it needs to be and where it is going to go. Our staff know anything and everything there is to know about rugs so we can offer advice where needed when you are designing your own rug. Designing your very own rug is a great way to show off your creativity and style in your home.

They says size matters! Do you require a narrow runner for your hallway or a huge rug for your living room? No problem. As well as offering standard sizes and shapes for you to choose from, you can provide your own measurements and we can custom make your rug to a size that suits you. It’s your rug, your design and your choice! 

This also applies to borders. From whipped, single, or piped edges, we have a wide range of materials and finishes to give your rug a unique look, with thousands of combinations of colour and textures to choose from. Our team at Colchester Flooring have brought technology and flooring together, to enable you to create your own rug design on our computer system and then see what it will look like before you buy the finished product – perfect!

So come and visit us at our store, let your creative side go and discover a world of rugs at your fingertips!

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