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Why choose Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood Flooring gives the high-quality look of solid wood flooring without breaking the bank; with its easy to clean surfaces so any dirt can be easily swept away what more could you ask for? This flooring solution is easy to install and luckily for you our team offer fitting services as well as stocking a vast range of hardwood options for you to choose from. Hardwood flooring looks effortless in all room types, so what are you waiting for? Pop into our showroom today to see the collection for yourself.



 Need durable flooring that doesn't break the bank?

Calling all commercial property owners, are you unsure of the best flooring solution for you? Need durable flooring that doesn’t  bring your accountant out in a sweat. To ensure your business runs as usual our team can fit your chosen flooring around your work hours meaning there is no disruption and the trade keeps flowing. We fit flooring to all types of commercial properties including offices, schools, nursing homes, pubs and more.



Are you finding it hard to sleep in?

With the mornings only getting brighter and earlier perhaps now is the right time to invest in a set of blinds. Here at Colchester Carpets and Flooring we stock a vast range of blinds, many in blackout options too so you can have that much wanted lie-in on the weekend. All blinds are low maintenance with some having motorized options, so you will never have to leave your bed to adjust the lighting.



 Lets go Summer Shopping!

 It’s easier than ever before to visit our shop on Head Street, Colchester. Culvers Precinct is just a stone’s throw away as well as a hand full of car parks within a matter of minutes. With our shop being situated in the heart of Colchester town you can even tie in a visit with a shopping trip to all the local shops. We stock any flooring type you could possibly ask for, so what are you waiting for? Come on down to take a look for yourself.



 Beautiful Blinds

Our team here at Colchester Carpets and Flooring have a vast array of Rol-Lite Blinds for you to choose from. We stock them in all colours, shapes and sizes and we can even install them into your home for you! The best thing about these blinds is that they can be opened or closed at the touch of a button or you can even ask an Alexa to do it for you. So what are you waiting for, come on down to our shop to see them for yourself.


It's a team effort!

Here at Colchester Carpets and Flooring our team know everything there is to know about all types of flooring so any questions or queries you may have our team will be happy to answer. We stock multiple flooring types including rugs, carpets and easy to clean hardwood and vinyl in all colours and shapes that you can think of. Go to our ‘Recent Projects’ page to see the vast variety of work we carry out and the high standards each and every job is completed to. Come down to our shop on Head Street, Colchester to see for yourself.


Rugs your own way.

Are you struggling to find the finishing touch to your newly decorated room? Our team can help you design your own rug, so it fits perfectly in your room. Our team can help you ensure it’s the right size, shape and colour to complement the existing colours already in the room whilst making sure it doesn’t look overcrowded. If you are interested, please call a member of our staff today or pop down to Head Street in Colchester. 


 Want the Easy Option in Your home?

Our team have found that there has been a rise in people wanting laminate flooring to be installed into their home or property and who can blame them? Many are now laying laminate through the entire property with seamless transition from room to room. With its extreme versatility and smooth surfaces so all pet hairs can be easily swept away what more could you want? At our shop on Head Street, Colchester we stock laminate flooring in a vast array of styles, effect and colours; so, come and pop in, have a chat and see for yourself, you will be truly spoilt for choice.



 Spoilt for Choice and Customer Sevice 

You will always be spoilt for choice for flooring options here at Colchester Flooring Limited where our teams’ years of experience means you receive the best customer service every time. Our flooring options range from laminate and hardwood flooring to carpets and rugs that you are able to design yourself to ensure that it is perfect for your room; you can create a rug that is the perfect size and it doesn’t clash with the existing colours already found in the room. If you wish to see the range for yourself then please come to our shop on Head Street, Colchester.



As snug as a bug in a rug!

With spring now officially here now is the best time for you to add that finishing touch to your home or property to make it perfect for the coming summer months. Here at Colchester Carpets Limited you can now design your own rug; so why not add a spring inspired rug to your home to complete the look. Our rugs can be deep plush pile so its ever so soft under your feet or hardwearing course weave to last the length of time. So please if you are interested or have any questions call our team today.



New Season, New Flooring

Maybe to give your home a fresh new look for this coming spring and summer why not change the flooring in your home or property. If carpet is what you desire, then we stock vast ranges of patterns and colours or if you are looking for something more simplistic then why not design your own rug to compliment your home. To keep you cool in the summer months but insulated in the winter why not try our range of laminate flooring. We can move your furniture for you and remove and dispose of old floor coverings (subject to charges) So, what are you waiting for come down to our shop on Head Street, Colchester or give our team a ring today!



Carpet Benefits

Are you looking to change the flooring within your home or property but are unsure of what to replace it with? Well here are a couple of reasons as to why you should choose carpet. It reduces the sound pollution in your home as it acts as an insulator once paired with our high-quality underlay. The extra insulation will mean your heating bill will not spike as much in the colder months. So, what are you waiting for, give our team a call or pop down to our shop on Head Street, Colchester.



Lovely Laminates

Our team here at Colchester Flooring Limited not only supply flooring but we fit it too! We offer a vast range of laminate flooring in many wood effects such as walnut, beech and oak. Not fancy the wood effect? We have tiled effect laminate too. So, you will no longer be hoovering the carpet constantly to get rid of all those pesky pet hairs, they can be simply swept way in no time at all. Laminate is great for people with allergies, extremely durable and easy to maintain. It looks like new year after year. If you have any questions, then please call our team today where they will be on hand to answer all of your questions. 



 Carpet Crusaders!

Here at Colchester Flooring our staff know everything there is to know about all types of flooring, especially carpets. They know which type is best in certain parts of the home; for example, carpet fitted on stairs or in the hallway will need to be much more durable than perhaps one that would be fitted in a bedroom. There is always the tricky decision of choosing which one feels and looks the best but trying to stay in your price range. Nonetheless, that is why our team are on hand to help you get the best carpet for the best price. We won’t be beaten by the big national retailers on price either! So, go local for the right service at the right price.



 2019 Inspiration!

Many of us will have redecorating on our to do list for the new year but many are put off by the task at hand if it seems to big or complicated. This is why our team here at Colchester Carpets and Flooring are dedicated to making this process run as swiftly as possible. They can advise you on the best type of flooring for your home or commercial property; we stock anything from rugs and carpets to vinyl and solid wood flooring so you will never run out of options. Come and visit our store on Head Street in Colchester for a warm welcome and some inspiration.



Happy New Year

From our team here at Colchester Carpets and Flooring we would like to wish each and every one of our customers a happy New Year. As always, our team will be on hand to help you with anything 2019 has to offer; whether that be simply adding to rug as the finishing touch to a room or completely reflooring your home or property. Each job will be carried out to the highest standard, always leaving our customers 100% satisfied once the job has been completed.



Carpets at Christmas? Why not!

Take a few minutes out of your day Christmas shopping and pop down to our shop on Head Street, Colchester. Have a sit down and our friendly staff will show our ever-expanding range of flooring from Moduelo and laminate to carpets and rugs to add the finishing touches to a room. We stock the top brands at extremely low prices, beating national retailers on customer service every time. So, what are you waiting for, come and say hello to our staff, where they will be on hand to help you. 



Winter Flooring Woes

With winter now in full swing it is the time where the floors never seem to stay clean. After walking dogs or even simply going outside, mud and dirt always finds a away to get into our homes; especially those who have carpets, its practically impossible! Perhaps you should consider changing your carpet to laminate or Moduleo flooring as a much better alternative. It suits every budget and comes in various styles and colours; one to fit in every home. So, what are you waiting for, please call our staff today or pop down to our shop on Head Street, Colchester to have a look for yourself.


 Moduleo - the answer to mucky pawprints and muddy feet!

Many don’t know that Moduleo is an alternative to solid wood flooring; but here at Colchester Carpets and Flooring we stock and install a vast range for you to choose from. Moduleo is a luxury vinyl, high quality alternative to solid wood flooring. Its many advantages include being scratch, moisture and scuff resistant so will last the test of time. We stock different styles and finishes including teal, granite, pine, plate, oak and even concrete effects. So, what you are waiting for, come down to our shop where our experienced staff will be on hand to help and answer any questions you may have. 


 Autumn is a mucky time of year!

With autumn now in full swing and the wind getting stronger and stronger by the day all sorts of leaves and dirt is being blown into your home; as well as children and pets alike dragging in mud from playing outside. There is only so many times the same stain will come out of the carpet. To eliminate this why not investigate our vast selection of hardwood, vinyl or Moduleo flooring. They are very versatile and extremely easy to maintain and clean, so you will never have to worry about the children bringing mud into your home again!



  Keeping Business Costs Down!

Here at Colchester Carpets we know that getting the correct flooring for your commercial property can be a hassle; it has to fit within your budget, it needs to be long lasting, yet look pristine. Our qualified team have experience fitting all types of flooring from high quality carpet to hardwood flooring, to Moduleo flooring and laminate in an array of properties. Whether its in schools, hotels, nursing homes, restaurants or office blocks our team will tackle it head on and will not leave you disappointed. If you have any further questions, please call today where our team will be happy to help.



Autumn Hues, Falling Leaves.

With Autumn on our doorstep maybe now is the best time to add a touch of colour to your home. Whether that be a small burst of colour with a rug or lightening up your whole room with a brand-new carpet, there is no time like the present! We even have colours to match the oranges and reds of the falling leaves. Top brands available too so you have quality assured. Have a look at our range for yourself, pop into our shop on Head Street, Colchester.



So much to choose from!

Are you thinking of installing new flooring to your home or property? With so many different options in store and online you will be spoilt for choice! It doesn’t matter if you want hardwood or laminate, carpets or you want a rug to finish off a new room, we will have something for you. If you really aren’t sure what you want why not hop over and have a look at our ‘recent projects’ page for information. If something grabs your attention then please, call our friendly staff today. Got an idea of what you want but haven't seen it yet. Call our team, describe what you are looking for andf if we don't stock it then we can source it for you. Your own personal carpet shopper!



Go Local!

Are you tired of going to a big nationally run store to look for some new flooring for your home or property only to be greeted by shop workers with limited knowledge of their products, or to be given insufficient customer service? Well have no fear because here at Colchester Carpets and Flooring not only is it a small family run business, but our customer service is top of the range, the same as our carpets! With our ever-expanding range of flooring solutions, you will never be disappointed! So, if you are visiting the town why not pop into our shop on Head Street, where you will always be given a warm welcome.



Versatile Vinyl!

When choosing vinyl flooring many are unaware of the versatility it has to offer. Being made from a synthetic material it can be made to look like wood, tile, hardwood or even stone. It can be fitted onto uneven or sloped surfaces unlike laminate flooring which is not flexible at all. With it being extremely cost effective and like the laminate flooring can withstand any liquid spilt on it and it even acts as an insulator! So, if you are interested then please call our team today for more information or pop down to our shop on Head Street, Colchester to have a look for yourself. 



Carpet is GREAT!

Here at Colchester Carpets and Flooring we know the endless advantages to having carpets in your home. They offer insulation, is a safe non-slip surface unlike laminate or vinyl flooring and provides sound insulation so no tapping of heels across the floor. Many are unaware of the health benefits too; dust settles quickly in carpet meaning it is not floating around in the air. In our shop on Head Street we have a very wide range for our customers to choose from, so why not pop down to our showroom and have a look for yourself, our team will always be on hand to help you. 





















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